Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ready for change...

Change is inevitable. Unpleasant most of the time and still again I say inevitable. God is ever changing. Yes He stays the same as He is the same yesterday, today, and forever but don't for one minute think that He doesn't change. Just as we don't drive horse and buggies anymore or light our houses with candle lit lamps, neither does He. This amazing book I am reading called "Prophetic Intercession-Unlocking Miracles and Releasing the Blessings of God" by Barbara Wentroble says this "the Lord says "....never think you know all about the moving of My Spirit. If you do, and turn your eye from My river, the river may change direction and you will be on dry ground". That thing scared me half to death and made me take a second look on who was I really looking at?!!! I do not, and I repeat, do not want to be on dry ground. Where He is, is where I want to be. There is a season and a time for everything. As the seasons change, so does His river. Keep your eye on His river. Stay in His flow and on course. Welcome change no matter the cost. It is here to propel you forward even though it may seem it is here to kill you. It is not. Change is coming...very good change..."He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water" John 7:38 and never ever stop believing for "Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things that were told her from the Lord" Luke 1:45

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It Gets A Little Crazy Around Christmas Time!!

My mom had given me this old red jumpsuit to wear if I wanted to paint or get dirty. Kennedy decided she would put it on and found it was slick enough to slide in, so she used her sister as the slide...go figure.... ooohhh the comic relief and it was needed....(make sure to pause the music on my player so that you can get the full effect...lol)...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Question Please...

Let me ask just one question.. and do not think it is a question that I haven't already asked myself and mulled over and over in my mind first because I have.
What do you think God will ask you that you did with Christmas, the birth of His only Son, when you stand before Him on that day? Do you think He will ask you how many presents you bought? How much money you spent so that no one got "disappointed" or thought "bad" about you? How much time you spent in lines at 4 in the morning just to make sure little Johnnie or Suzie got exactly what they wanted no matter what? How much more in debt you got this year just so you could please everyone and they could all have a great Christmas? Nope, none of those questions I doubt will ever surface but I bet I know some that will. Nicole, how many presents did you buy for those less fortunate than you this year not including family or friends? How much time did you spend in a soup kitchen line feeding the homeless, some of My most prized possessions by the way, instead of the shopping lines? How much did you get in debt getting someone else out of it so that they could have a roof over their head or food to eat? How much time did you spend with the elderly or the widowed or the orphaned this year so that they could have a great Christmas?
I am to the point that I want my family and I to be able to answer those questions with "everything we had Lord". That is what Christmas is truly all about...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Prepare The Way!!

Sound the alarm!! Blow the trumpets in Zion! Prepare ye the way of the Lord!! He is mighty in Zion!! He is on His holy throne! He is in His holy temple! He is on His holy mountain!! Sound the alarm and blow the trumpets for the great I Am is inhabiting the presence of his people!! He is calling. He is calling. He is calling. He is calling forth the dry bones to rise, to live, to breathe!! He is calling you forth to bring life to dead places! Will you answer? Will you say yes, my Lord? Prophesy to the people! Tell them the Lord is with them and mighty to save! Proclaim the year of the Lord's favor! He says "what do they see?" and we say "they see dry bones". He says "what do you see?" and we say "We see an army! An exceedingly great army!!!" Will you take up your sword and fight? Will you breath life into dry bones and prepare an army for the Lord? Will you say yes?!!! Sound the alarm! He is calling!! He is mighty in Zion!! Prepare His way!! Prepare His people! Open up your eyes and see He is doing a new thing! Open your mind to His mystery and take the limits off! Set Him free! He is not ordinary and He is calling you out of the ordinary! He is calling deeper, higher, farther than ever before! No more limits! Dance, Dance, Dance! Sing, Sing, Sing! Prophesy! You are His mighty warrior! Stand and see the greatness in you and the greatness in your God! He is calling you, yes you! Will you answer? Breathe life, breathe life, breathe life, mighty warrior, breathe life.... Stand and prophesy to the army before you...Call those things that are not as though they were...He is mighty in Zion and He is mighty in you...Arise! Arise! Arise and prophesy! He is on His holy mountain....

Monday, December 1, 2008

It Is Time!!!!

Stopping in for a brief minute just to say this... It is time ladies...it is time for us to pick up our swords and fight. It is time that we stop letting the enemy steal everything we have while we sit idly by. It is time that we stand up with sword in hand and take back all that has been stolen from us and with a righteous indignation dare the enemy to set foot back in our camp again. It is time to declare victory over our homes, our children, our marriages, our finances, our futures. It is time to tell the enemy what he can do with his scare tactics and command that we are children of God and the enemy cannot touch us for it is written! It is time to take a stand dressed fully in our armor ready for battle. It is time to be Esthers if need be and if we perish then we perish but the enemy will no longer have reign, we will!! Pick up your swords ladies, it is time... it's time we win...the time has come for victory through His word...are you ready for battle?


Hey there!! Grab a cup of tea with me and let's talk about it... God is way too big to keep Him to ourselves and life is way too hard to hold it all in so pull up a seat, or sit on the floor, or just sprawl out anywhere.... I'm all ears....and so is your Daddy God....come on over and kick your shoes off...I'll leave the light on for you and have a hot cup of tea waiting...Nicole...

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