Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Will Rejoice and be Glad!

Well, surgery for me is tomorrow. I am fearful yet encouraged that maybe this is a new beginning and a finality of sorts to all I have been going through. Whatever His will is, that is what I want. It is what I need. It is what will bring me to a place of wholeness that He wants for me. So, ladies, yes please pray for all to go well and for all to be made new, but more than anything pray for this to be the beginning of a new level of praise and a new level of wholeness as never before. My desire is to please Him and to know Him as well as He knows me. So, yes, I WILL REJOICE AND BE GLAD!! Tomorrow is a brand new day and I can't wait to get a brand new song...

Monday, March 30, 2009

What It Means...

Since getting the words magnificent praise dropped into my spirit, I have been trying to understand what it truly means. Does it mean that it is beautiful? Does it mean that it was perfect? What does it truly mean? So, one day as I knelt before Him all alone, no one else in the room but He and I, with no words left to say, I began to say those two words over and over aloud till my whole mind, my whole body, my whole soul began to sense the joy of His presence and I was completely captured in a moment that is purely indescribable. It was at that moment the revelation of what a wonderful God I serve really desires from me, from us, and it was at that moment that I understood what magnificent praise really was. It is only when I surrender my entire being to Him, my focus, my mind, my body, my intellect, my talents, my desires, my dreams, everything that I am, everything that I ever will be, everything that I ever wanted to be, then and only then will my praise be magnificent. It is a perfect praise. Not in so many ways as we think of the word perfect, but perfect in the way that it is "total". Total means to be absolute. So magnificent praise is absolute praise. This is what brings breakthrough. It is what grabs His attention. He is a magnificent God. He is the magnificent creator and ruler of all the universe. Only magnificent praise will do. Only magnificent praise will reach the ears of such a magnificent God and move His heart. David gave surrendered undignified praise. He gave His whole being. Even to the point of ridicule and losing his reputation. The more ridicule he faced, the more He praised and became even more undignified. I want to grab my God's attention like David did. Like He has grabbed mine. When I go into worship, I want to exclude everyone and everything but Him. We as women know what it is like to be intimate with our husbands. We know what a difference it makes when we hold nothing back from him and give him our all. It is very much the same with the Lover of your soul. There is a difference when we hold nothing back from Him, when we give Him our all. The intimacy is past indescribable. It says in Matthew 22 that when we are finally home, truly home in Heaven with Him, "all our ECSTASIES and INTIMACIES then will be with God". Just to know that is overwhelming because I have never wanted anything more than to know a love like He freely brings but I also know that He wants that right now, right here, right on earth in my every day just like it will be then. It may be perfected in Heaven and we will not have the worries of this world to hinder our worship, but he is showing me that He wants as much as I can give right now, so that He can give me as much as He desires to give. Magnificent praise. My magnificent praise. Your magnificent praise. Praise that is surrendered, undignified, uninhibited, and totally undone. Praise that doesn't look around to see if anyone is looking. Praise that doesn't care about reputation. Praise that is willing to become undone in front of the whole world if need be for Him. Praise that mirrors your private worship in your public worship. Praise that is not a glory seeker but a glory giver. Praise that wants nothing in return. Praise that opens locked doors for it is the key. Praise that causes avalanches of His love to flow from you to others around you. Praise that shakes the cells open and sets every one free. Praise that causes sin to be exposed. Praise that breaks every chain and drops every shackle and causes you to dance in freedom. Praise that melts the heart of an all magnificent and splendor filled God. Praise that says "You are the most important thing in my life and nothing else matters like You do. What do You desire, My Lord?". Magnificent praise...
"My God, I pray that I turn crazy loose for You not thinking once of my reputation or what it may cost me and may anything that is hindering my praise be removed immediately no matter the pain. May You have my complete focus, my complete attention, my complete heart, my complete and total praise and may I make your heart melt and skip a beat, and may the words on my lips please You... may out of the depths of my belly flow living water...for your glory Lord. For Yours and Yours alone...and may my praise be contagious, infectious, wildly undone and free, and oozing with the precious oil that is You... Magnificent praise... Magnificent praise... Magnificent praise...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Magnificent Praise...

A Word from the Lord to my heart on March 24, 2009...

"Magnificent! Magnificent! Magnificent! Magnificent Praise!! Praise! Praise! Praise! Magnificent Praise! Praise Me! Avalanche of love! Avalanche of love! Cause the avalanche to flow! Cause the avalanche to flow! Praise! Praise! Praise! Praise that is worthy of My attention. Praise that causes freedom to erupt from depths you have not yet seen! Magnificent praise! I'm worthy of magnificent praise! Praise ME! Praise! Praise me with magnificent and unfiltered praise! Watch Me breakthrough on the wings and sound of your magnificent praise!!!!!!!"

*BTW just so you will know Magnificent is defined in Webster's as this:

adjective 1. making a splendid appearance or show; of exceptional beauty, size, etc.: a magnificent cathedral; magnificent scenery.
2. extraordinarily fine; superb: a magnificent opportunity; magnificent weather.
3. noble; sublime: a magnificent poem.
4. (usually initial capital letter) (formerly used as a title of some rulers) great; grand: Lorenzo the Magnificent.
5. lavishly munificent; extravagant: a magnificent inheritance.

And praise means:

verb (used with object) 5. to express approval or admiration of; commend; extol.
6. to offer grateful homage to (God or a deity), as in words or song.

—Idiom7. sing someones praises, to praise someone publicly and enthusiastically:


I praise You Lord, Oh yes, I praise You with magnificent avalanche causing praise!!!!
May your love flow from the depths of an unseen place. If you are magnificent then only magnificent praise will cause an avalanche bursting and freedom erupting atmosphere. If only one small movement, one small whisper can cause a mighty avalanche, think of what sound barrier breaking heart felt worship and praise can do!! High exalting and extoling magnificent praise!! Breaker anointing, ride in on the wings of our magnificent praise to You and breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough!!! Yes, Lord, breakthrough!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A little taste of PRAISE!!!

A little taste of praise from Great Commission Ministries for Jesus. This was taken during praise practice. Just make sure you go down and pause my music player before you take a look...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hormones!!! Everyone run for cover!!

HORMONES!!!!!! Can I get an amen from all the ladies out there who can relate?!! I have had a cyst on my right ovary for about 3 months or so now(well, actually longer, that is just when I got the ultrasound). It will not go away and so now they have to remove the entire ovary. It is still 14 days away and can I tell you that if my family had a vote, they would say do it tomorrow PLEASE!! It is like being pregnant but with no reward! Hot flashes, nausea, dizziness, foggy thinking, cramps, pain, and oh let's not forget the mood swings...can we just say Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde! I can't stand my own self!! So, if anyone can relate to this out there, how 'bout throw up a prayer for me especially one specifically asking for my help not to take anyone out!!! LOL God is so good. Hard to understand why he created us women the way He did while men just sit there looking like they have no clue what is going on(and they don't!), but still HE is SO SO SO GOOD!!! Just had to vent today. Thanks for listening!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Best Day Of My Life....

God's discipline is never fun. It is not something that I look forward to. No one does. The reward though is great and worth every ounce of it. The Lord has had me in a tough place. A place where you get to have your true heart revealed. A place where you think you just might die because the blackness of your heart is too much to take in front of a holy God. When you get into His presence, it is ultimately the truth that you will begin to see what is not so holy about you but it is for your good. It is for your growth and the Lord will never show it to you or bring you to that place until He knows you are capable of handling it and when He knows it is time to rid you of it. So, I guess I was ready and I guess it was time. Breaking is just not easy no matter how you go about it. It's just not but it is only after the breaking that the healing can begin. So, let the healing start, I say because I've had about all the breaking I can stand!!! LOL. He was so faithful to have the one person He knew that their words would make a difference call me today and talk with me. As hard as it was to hear, I knew it was right. I had been running from the call on my life and God was tired of my pride and of my running and she frankly told me so. It was just confirmation for the last three days of torment...lol. So, because I trust this person and love her, I took it to heart and I surrendered. Hands up, white flag flying, it's over, you win God. I will do what you want and not what I want. I will be obedient. Isn't that all He wants anyway? For us to get to the point where we say "I surrender, You win!". Feels like a thousand pounds has been lifted from my shoulders. I am scared to death to step out into these waters I have run from and dodged and done everything else just so I wouldn't have to do it but gotta go anyhow. No choice. The battle for my destiny has already been waged and won and been set in motion for me before I was ever known to my mom and dad. The only choice I can take is to walk it out and trust that He will not let me fail or fall. With Him I can because He would not have gone to so much trouble to make me miserable unless I could...lol. This is the best day of my life... Thank you Lord...Let's get to work...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who Is Really With You...

It has been quite a whirlwind these last few months. But even more, these past two weeks have been ridiculously stormy. Nothing unsusual. Been there before. Just seems par for course since things were going along beautifully that the enemy would try an attempt to take me down, my family down, my finances, and my mind. Even the most seasoned veteran would have struggled. But you learn some things. One, who God is and that when you are at your weakest, He will fight for you. He will not leave you. He will never break a bruised reed... Two, who your friends are. Not those friends who are fair weathered and would rather you find an interest in them and what is going on in them than take five minutes to find where you are. I'm talking about
the ones who wear God like a cloak and put on His character and put themselves and their busy schedules and minds aside for you. Those who will fight for you, are with you when you are at your weakest, and those who will not be as Job's friends, those who will not break you when you are bruised. The All-Weathered friend. These are the ones who leave a mark on your life. The ones that truly make a difference. These are the ones who will get muddy with you going through the trenches because they have already proven that they will even in the smallest of circumstances so you know they will stand with you in the toughest as well. Trustworthy... True... A love that they prove in actions and not just speak to you about having in their heart, you can see the evidence...These people are rare... If you find one, make sure you do your best to do your part to get your mind off of you and celebrate them so they will feel appreciated and like they are a treasure, because they are... Believe me they are rare, you don't need to leave them wondering just how great they are... BE THERE!!!!


Hey there!! Grab a cup of tea with me and let's talk about it... God is way too big to keep Him to ourselves and life is way too hard to hold it all in so pull up a seat, or sit on the floor, or just sprawl out anywhere.... I'm all ears....and so is your Daddy God....come on over and kick your shoes off...I'll leave the light on for you and have a hot cup of tea waiting...Nicole...

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