Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Turn The Page...

You o' Lord have borne to me this day the heaviness of my pride. A weight to heavy for me to carry. What must I do for You to extinguish Your anger with me and rekindle the fire between us? What must I say to let You know the grief I feel for my sin? I will run to You! I will run under Your cover and there I will fall on my knees and let You see all of me, the very parts I try to hide but Your love exposes. I will let you embrace me once again, prodigal that I am, and I will accept Your forgiveness through Your unending grace. I will turn this page in the history of You and me. I will not wallow here or set up camp. I will move on as You would have me to. I love You, Lord. Thank You for loving me...

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Hey there!! Grab a cup of tea with me and let's talk about it... God is way too big to keep Him to ourselves and life is way too hard to hold it all in so pull up a seat, or sit on the floor, or just sprawl out anywhere.... I'm all ears....and so is your Daddy God....come on over and kick your shoes off...I'll leave the light on for you and have a hot cup of tea waiting...Nicole...

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Jesus is everything to me!! Yep, that about sums it all up! I'd like to say my passion is praising Him till I drop but I guess that is not only my passion, it is my whole life!! Just to praise Him...I can't even brush my teeth without Him and don't want to! God has given me the most awesome privelege of raising three of the most challenging but amazing creatures I know...two girls, one boy. The biggest blessing of all is my absolute lover of my life on earth...the most handsome and wonderful man in the world...my husband...I may not always please my God, but I sure hope He likes my trying to. I just pray that when I meet Him face to face not only will I be able to hear "well done my good and faithful servant" but also "she did all she could". Sit down and talk awhile with me. I'm just a messed up girl on her way, but I'm God's wonderful mess. Aren't we all?!! Now, let's praise Him like no one is lookin'! He's so worth it!!

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