Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Much More The Wait?

My soul longs for Your instruction today Lord. I'm so tired of my pillow soaked with tears. How much longer the wait, Lord? How much longer the wait? My heart grows faint and my limbs grow weary. What is the truth Lord? What is the truth to this situation? I'm tired of groping around in the dark for answers and finding none. I'm tired of doing everything I know to do and still no outcome. At this point Lord, it could be yes or no and I wouldn't care. At least it would be closure. At least it would be over. At least I would finally know the answer, the truth. How much longer must I wait, must I cry, must I wonder, must I be obedient and still suffer? I have given it my absolute all and my best. I have been faithful. How much longer before you say yes or no? How much longer must I cry out to You with no answer. Yet, I will wait. I don't want to. I want to run. I want to turn my back on this and never look back. I want to be anywhere but here right now. But, yet, I wait. I wait on You. How much longer till I see the end? How much longer the wait? How much longer.......

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Rachel said...

I'm sorry you feel so stuck! Waiting rooms are cold and tiresome. Keep trusting Him. He's in there with you. Easier said than done, I know.


Hey there!! Grab a cup of tea with me and let's talk about it... God is way too big to keep Him to ourselves and life is way too hard to hold it all in so pull up a seat, or sit on the floor, or just sprawl out anywhere.... I'm all ears....and so is your Daddy God....come on over and kick your shoes off...I'll leave the light on for you and have a hot cup of tea waiting...Nicole...

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